ROCKETHOME presents the "ROCKETHOME Connect Program" for the certification and integration of smart home hardware

IFA 2016: ROCKETHOME presents the "ROCKETHOME Connect Program" for the certification and integration of smart home hardware

Just in time for the IFA (02 - 07 September 2016), the Internet of Things (IoT) expert ROCKETHOME presents the new "ROCKETHOME Connect Program". In this program, hardware manufacturers will have the opportunity of certifying their smart home products and interfaces for integration in the ROCKETHOME open technology platform. Today, over 60 devices and interfaces from more than 30 manufacturers are already integrated. In this context, ROCKETHOME and the smart home appliance manufacturer Fibaro and Diehl Connectivity Solutions are expanding their collaboration.
Partner program for powerful whole home products on the Internet of Things: ROCKETHOME Connect
As part of the ROCKETHOME Connect, devices, applications, and systems receive a seal of approval. After successful integration in the technology platform, the respective smart home devices are available from a variety of distributors who already offer ROCKETHOME solutions. ROCKETHOME Connect stands for the highest quality, security and interoperability.

Partners of the new ROCKETHOME Connect program, who allow their smart devices to be integrated in the IoT platform, gain access to ROCKETHOME customers with a wide distribution network for smart home solutions. In this way, these manufacturers can create a new and attractive sales channel for their products. Customers of ROCKETHOME from the energy management, telecommunications and trade can select from a wide range of appropriate hardware components from different manufacturers for their own IoT product. The "ROCKETHOME Certified Connectivity” quality seal also guarantees future reliability for the further development of the entire system in addition to interoperability. The prerequisite for a ROCKETHOME Connect partnership is a meaningful product roadmap as well as a reliable product with constant support.
The strength of the IoT expert lies in the networking of the different use cases of the Internet of Things: From the optimisation of energy consumption and production to the control of household appliances, up to more complex sensors in the house, all parts of the smart home can be controlled via an app using the ROCKETHOME technology regardless of the manufacturer.
"The demand for IoT products with a maximum degree of networking has increased massively and we are meeting this need with our open and interoperable technology platform. More and more device manufacturers see the sales potential that is possible with a collaboration with us and are therefore interested in a reliable framework for the partnership. To meet these needs from the market, but at the same time to ensure stability as well as a good user experience for the end user, we developed the ROCKETHOME Connect program," explains Yüksel Sirmasac, founder and CEO of ROCKETHOME.

First partners intensify collaboration: Diehl Connectivity Solutions and Fibaro
ROCKETHOME and Fibaro combine a successful collaboration which is appreciated by many users and is based on an optimum interaction of the hardware and software components of both partner solutions. ROCKETHOME has been offering the award-winning actuator and sensor technology from Fibaro for home networking systems for years.
With ROCKETHOME Connect, the collaboration has now been expanded and strengthened. In this context, ROCKETHOME, as one of the first smart home providers, tests new Fibaro devices such as t "the Button” and "Swipe”, which have been recently.

ROCKETHOME and Diehl Connectivity Solutions (DCS) are expanding their long-standing partnership in the area of intelligent living. DCS offers hardware, middleware and backend services for the cloud solutions from ROCKETHOME. Development and fabrication are ‘made in Germany’. The hardware portfolio includes the VDE-certified smart home gateway for the ROCKETHOME solutions, but also in-house developed hardware components such as smart plugs, flush-mounted relays or range-extending PLC radio extenders. As part of the ROCKETHOME Connect, service providers can equip the gateway and other components individually and customise them for their own smart home or smart energy solution to gain competitive advantages.

Further information on the ROCKETHOME Connect Program

ROCKETHOME is a leading provider of the Internet of Things smart home and home energy management in Europe. The company's products support the areas of energy management, intelligent home control and security. Together with its partners from the energy management, telecommunications, trade, the hardware industry and other industries, the company designs solutions and business models in dynamically growing market segments. The open, hardware-independent and scalable software platform "HomeRUN Intelligence Cloud" is the basis for the range of services. Founded in 2010, the Cologne-based company has been able to convince over 40 renowned customers in six European countries of its product approach.

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