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Smart Home

Control of rooms
and home devices

Smart Energy

Energy Assistance Systems
for domestic users

Enterprise solutions

Energy Management Systems for businesses


Cockpit to analyze and optimize the energy consumption of electric vehicles

Decentralized generation

Monitoring systems for solar collectors and combined power and heat units

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  1. Smart Home

    With our SMART HOME solution users can control, manage and automate their homes - via web, locally or mobile - and always in real time. We offer energy efficiency as well as unique comfort and safety for the home. The open platform is hardware-independent and supports different home-automation-technologies. A new experience: Home Automation for mass markets.

  2. Smart Energy

    Our SMART ENERGY solution is one of the most powerful platforms for the interpretation and visualization of energy consumption data in Europe. The application offers maximum comfort through its simple and intuitive use - with comprehensive functionality. It identifies cost drivers, compares rates and controls energy consumption as well as energy production.

  3. Enterprise solutions

    For commercial customers with high expectations of an energy management system: Our enterprise solutions meet all requirements for monitoring, control and optimization of energy consumption. Companies from different industries gain the necessary transparency about their energy consumption data. Efficiency potentials are identified and fully exploited.

  4. Decentralized generation

    Our monitoring solutions for decentralized power generation systems shed light on the dark. Whether photovoltaic, mini-or micro-CHP: Users get a detailed look at the values of their feed-in. Revenues and expenditures for energy are compared, thus providing transparency to amortization of the energy-generating systems.

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