CEO Letter | Rocketstart 2022 🚀

Dear Business Partners,

I hope you have started the new year well and, above all, healthy.

For us, the first weeks of the year start with attending conferences like CES in Las Vegas, the World Economic Forum or the Handelsblatt Energy Summit. It is a good beginning to exchange ideas with ambitious people and to develop a view for the general conditions of the year. One thing has changed this year compared to the past: Everything revolves around the question of how companies can adapt even faster to the digital and climate transformation (speed has become the most important competitive factor).

The regulatory keystones such as the EU taxonomy and ESG regulations have now clearly defined the binding basis for all players. The local traffic light coalition has also manifested its strategy for the coming years in recent months. Germany aims to become the global role model for a climate-friendly society and economy - in the past, industrial policy secured the country's prosperity; in the future, it is to be climate policy and digitalization (the prospects are not bad).

Accordingly, we have aligned our vision to these framework conditions in 2022: We will make our contribution to a "Zero-Carbon-Ready Society ". Our task will be to make real estate and districts more digital, more climate-friendly and thus also more social. For this purpose, we will supply all components such as the operating system in the building, the hardware platform and services - and we want to be the best at it.

Last year, we set the course for this new era: We launched a new digital platform for smart buildings with MyEstate. With this integrated technology approach, we have standardized the equipping of real estate with smart sensor technology and transformed it into a platform-as-a-service business model.

Especially in the field of climate-friendly technologies, we have founded a joint venture with enercity AG and IBG Wolfsburg mbH (Wolfsburg AG) - the ROCKETHOME Climate Solutions GmbH. In the first 6 months we were already able to win many districts for the new solutions and generate a quite long order list, especially in the field of electromobility, photovoltaics, heat and smart sensor technology.

With all these developments, one thought has kept me very busy over the last few days: It has taken us the last, sometimes demanding 10 years to be there with what we have now and to be able to contribute toward solving one of the greatest challenges of our time - the climate threat to humanity.

I am very grateful to all the companions who have brought us here - in particular I would like to acknowledge our customers, employees and shareholders. Without you this would not have been possible - thank you very much :-)

Over the next few weeks, you can find us in person again at many events (at least digitally). Get in touch if you have the time. We would be very happy to meet you:

Good rocket start into 2022!
Sincerely yours,
Y. Sirmasac

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