CEO Letter | 🚀 Take off 2023

Dear business partners,

I hope you have started the first weeks of the new year successfully.

This year, I would like to start my exchange with you by addressing a somewhat more general topic:

As you know, we are living in uncertain times, in that much that we thought was guaranteed has begun to falter. The shocks have left their mark. The macroeconomic environment has deteriorated considerably - economic development is expected to be difficult. The downward spiral, especially in thinking, has already spread far and wide. However, is this the right reaction and the right "mindset" to approach our future?

What has given us strength so far? The world we live in today is based on the achievements of generations before us. They built the cities, buildings, transportation and healthcare systems, as well as microchips, smartphones and so much more. Our prosperity is based on the ideas and hard work of these people.

And that's where we need to start: What will our generation build? Through hard work and strong will, what will we create?

We have worked very hard on this question over the last three years - moving from crisis to crisis. And we have found a solution: At ROCKETHOME, we set out to make the real estate, districts and cities of tomorrow more climate-friendly, more digital and therefore more social, whether in new buildings or renovations.

We believe that our building infrastructure and the way we live and work will have to be renewed in the coming years. We aim to contribute the necessary technologies, components and services to achieve this.

Yet we have already created a good performance track record:

  • We ended 2022 with record sales (high double-digit growth), a trend we will continue this year
  • Best record in terms of number of equipped buildings, apartments and districts as well
  • We successfully gained a presence in the field of electric mobility for multi-family homes & businesses (more than 1,000 charging boxes)
  • We have acquired and projected a large number of tenant electricity projects in the housing industry
  • Within the heating segment, we were able to implement more complex heating solutions in districts and row house developments. In the B2C segment, our smart thermostats have helped a large number of people to save energy
  • Digital access solutions, building sensors and smart home applications are now standard features in our projects
  • Value added services for real estate residents have made their mark

and best of all: everything connected in an IoT cloud, a digital property manager and an app.

Personally, I'm particularly pleased with the fact that we're not only bringing all of this to people who can afford it, but we're also operating in the so-called "social housing segment."

However, none of this would have been possible without you. At this point, I would like to thank - on behalf of my fellow partners - all our partners, customers and employees.

In the coming weeks, we will attend many different events. I am looking forward to the next meeting and the personal conversation.

Sincerely yours,
Yüksel Sirmasac