ROCKETHOME launches smart meter for intelligent energy management!

Customers are just thrilled when their home is able to think and manage the energy flows cost-effectively - with a smaller carbon footprint.

ROCKETHOME presents the brand new smart meter: the ROCKETHOME Power Meter as the central energy manager in the building. It can be used in any building that does not yet have an intelligent metering system, thus enabling innovative sales products - even for owners or managers of old real estate. The Power Meter transmits real-time information about the energy management.

Power Meter by ROCKETHOME:

The automation of energy flows saves costs and resources. In this way our customers contribute to climate and environmental protection.
New use cases are made possible: For example if the sun shines the e-car will be automatically charged.
Several partners in the housing and energy industry are already using our Power Meter. For example the energy provider e-regio from Euskirchen, which successfully integrated the power meter on its e-regio easy platform. The platform enables both: a detailed insight into the energy data and an optimization of the own energy flows.

Insight into real-time energy data: