Artificial Intelligence based on data of digital buildings

Networking and algorithms are the foundation of the future

Artificial intelligence, blockchain, digital twins - keywords that can be found on every strategic presentation of innovative companies. They mean the digital future - also for buildings. How to use them often remains a book with seven seals, although the use of these technologies is easy to implement. They offer special potential in the area of Smart Building. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be applied to almost all stages of the building value chain. The ROCKETHOME HomeRUN Intelligence Cloud offers a simple but powerful technological foundation on which data from different areas can be bundled,combined and finally used by intelligent machines to optimize processes and workflows but also to prevent damage and breakdowns.
Together with our partners, we take three steps to increase the benefits:

  1. Generate Data: ROCKETHOME networks all necessary trades such as heating systems, heat pumps, Pv-systems up to intelligent meters but also complete rooms, windows, doors, parking lots etc. These data form the basis. Due to smaller and more cost-effective sensors, it is nowadays possible to evaluate all components of a building live without high investments.
  2. Formulate Goals: AI is not an end in itself. The second step to benefit from artificial intelligence is the clear definition of the benefit and the goal to be achieved. Predictive maintenance, alarm chains that independently check whether the recipient reacts or whether alarms are forwarded, usage analyses that automatically allow conclusions to be drawn for optimisation or time savings for employees through intelligent processes are just a few examples. With the ROCKETHOME Kick Start Workshops we help companies to define these goals, to specify the advantages for the users and to evaluate monetary advantages.
  3. Programming Intelligent Machines: We know, this last step requires know-how. Know-how that is well available today in a wide variety of building blocks. ROCKETHOME makes use of its many years of expertise and extensive experience from over 80 projects. Together with our partners' developers, we build individual solutions that help people and companies.

Our Solutions team will be happy to advise you on the opportunities that arise when not only installing and selling technology, but also using AI to create value.