E-mobility– the first step towards climate neutrality in real estate

In recent years, the use of electromobility has increased significantly, as it is an important step towards climate neutrality and helps to save Co2-emissions. At ROCKETHOME, it is an integral part of the climate neutral energy infrastructure in real estate projects. The concept is sustainable and energy efficient and saves costs long term. How can charging stations be implemented, how are they financed and are they even worthwhile? We answer these questions here:

Overview of the advantages
  • Sustainable and energy-efficient concepts
  • Future-proof real estate
  • Comprehensive consulting and planning
  • Simple operation in the app
  • Optional billing service
  • An IoT platform with various functions and services

How can I finance e-mobility?

E-mobility is currently still associated with comparatively high costs, but there is a variety of subsidy options that make the switch to e-mobility easier. KfW Bank, for example, offers subsidies ranging from €900 to €9,000. Federal states, cities and municipalities also have their own and supplementary funding programs that provide financial support for the development of charging infrastructure, which we will take into account in your individual project.

Why is having your own e-charging station worth it?

Having your own charging infrastructure makes sense in the long term, as public charging stations are often occupied and more expensive. With your own charging station, you have access to fast and inexpensive charging anytime. Having your own charging infrastructure increases the comfort and attractiveness of your property and contributes to an increase in value.

Our digital ecosystem offers you:
We offer tailor-made complete solutions for electric mobility - seamlessly integrated into tenant:inside applications and managed in a holistic property management tool.

  • App control: Residents and employees can use our app to view the status of the charging process, start and stop it, and grant visitors access to their own charging station or wallbox.

  • The IoT Property Manager can manage permissions and assign charging stations to individual tenants. Via the Property Manager, the manager has an overview of the most important information about the charging stations, such as the energy quantities, charging times and the early detection of error messages.

And now it's your turn!

What advantages do you have as a project developer or manager?

  • Increase in efficiency and thus value of your property
  • Income from marketing charging infrastructure in the semi-public sector
  • Increased demand due to state-of-the-art equipment

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Our service by ROCKETHOME:

  • plan: Planning and selection of suitable hardware, coordination of features, procurement and delivery of hardware
  • build: Installation by access partner, commissioning of the software
  • operate: Operation of the solution in the data center, maintenance of hardware and software, support of employees, support of end customers.

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