Experience report: As a working student at ROCKETHOME

Young talents play an important role at ROCKETHOME. Among the employees there are also some student trainees, who gain their first professional experience alongside their studies and can contribute their new ideas and perspectives to the company. All of them work in different departments and have the most diverse tasks. Our student trainee Michele reports on her experiences at the company so far.

What made you decide to apply for a job at ROCKETHOME?

I wanted to go to work alongside my studies. Not only to earn some extra money, but above all to gain some experience. On the one hand, it was important to me that I could develop my strengths and talents in the job and, on the other hand, that it had a connection to my field of study. On a major job platform, I found the job advertisement of ROCKETHOME and was immediately interested. Not only can I apply my knowledge from my studies, but ROCKETHOME, as a pioneer in the digitalization of real estate, also offers an incredibly exciting work environment.

How did the application process proceed for you?

After I sent my documents, I received feedback in the form of an email within a day. The first interview took place in the form of a video call, the second one a day later at the ROCKETHOME office. At both meetings I was positively surprised that, although the CEO was sitting across from me, the conversation was conducted completely at an equal footing. Also, the fact that Mr. Sirmasac himself takes care of the selection of employees shows that you are not hired here as a simple temp for unpleasant work, but that the skills and input that students can contribute are noticed and valued.

You've been with us for 3 months now, what impressions have you been able to gather so far?

Even if you only work in one or two areas of the company, you still have regular contact with all the teams because there are so many overlaps in the tasks. These many insights can be a bit overwhelming in the first few days, but pretty quickly you realize what great advantages this corporate structure offers you. I have already learned so much and no day at ROCKETHOME is like the other. In addition, the team spirit is really important here. Whether it's about the company or regular get-togethers, ROCKETHOME offers the best of both worlds: an established company with a relaxed startup atmosphere.

We asked other student trainees at ROCKETHOME for their opinion. Here are their answers:

"If you like to work independently and flexibly, ROCKETHOME is the right place for you. You are quickly integrated into the team as a "fully-fledged employee" and you can look forward to an after-work beer on the rooftop terrace. " - Jana, working student in the area of marketing

"From the very first day, all employees made me feel like a full team member. I look forward to a new working day at ROCKETHOME every time. " - Anika, working student in the area of project management

"I completed a 6-month internship here at ROCKETHOME in 2019. I liked it so much that I am still here now. Surrounded by many nice and open people, it is always easier to work. In addition, ROCKETHOME is super flexible when it comes to working hours or home office, for example. The working atmosphere is very pleasant with large, bright rooms, lots of plants and a view of the Kölner Dom. " - Christian, working student in the areas of quality assurance (QA), support, logistics & project management