Mobility begins at home

"Being mobile" – for most of us this is one of the most important privileges in everyday life according to a study conducted by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure. The increasing variety of mobility offers such as car sharing and the trend towards e-bikes also reflect this development. More and more providers and companies are on the market and stimulate competition. Despite the slight decrease in mobility due to the pandemic, experts predict a recurrent boom. The reason for that: more popular than ever are e-bikes for instance, with the clear advantage of being independent of public transport and avoiding traffic jams at the same time.

View of the housing industry: mobility begins at home

The trend 'being mobile' is not only significant from the point of view of service providers, but is also changing other markets such as the real estate industry. To be mobile means to get from A to B and back again quickly and easily - usually to your own home. In this context mobility becomes a major factor to raise the attractiveness of living and to win new potential tenants and buyers. If real estate companies and -developer integrate different services for more mobility in the daily life of their residents (charging stations for e-cars and -bikes as well as sharing offers), they simultaneously increase the value of the property. In combination with innovative energy tariffs and a holistic connected home system, energy efficiency in the building is also and quite easily brought to a new level.

The real estate industry has recognized this and counts more than ever on mobility services in buildings. This proves the study Process Management Real Estate Monitor 2020 - Assets on the Move! New ways in building mobility by how (Berlin University of Applied Sciences) and cctm consulting AG.

IoT creates mobility

With the integration of Connected Mobility the real estate industry is on the right track. The basis for success is a holistic connected home system with an integrated, intelligent charge management, which connects energy providers and consumers. Many companies trust in the know how of software experts such as ROCKETHOME. Companies from different industries work together in a close cooperation implementing housing projects, which meet market requirements and customer needs.

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