Hardware innovation: MultiSensor 6

The new multi sensor from ROCKETHOME has arrived: MultiSensor 6, which combines a variety of different functions in one device that makes your premises more intelligent than ever before. The MultiSensor 6 is now available and extends the hardware range of our IoT solutions. It is not an optimized device, but a completely newly developed hardware product that covers the most important sensor functions and can be operated by battery or power supply.

MultiSensor 6: One device with a wide range of possibilities of use

  1. Temperature: The MultiSensor 6 measures the room temperature between -10~50°C and is ideally suited to control heating and air conditioning for energy management at the highest level and fully automated.

  2. Air humidity: In most cases the humidity in rooms is too dry or too humid. The MultiSensor 6 detects the air humidity from 0% to 100% and ensures a healthy room climate, which is particularly relevant in corona times.

  3. Movements: The MultiSensor 6 is able to register movement at a distance of up to 5 meters and a radius of up to 120° degrees. This is essential for the monitoring of facilities in view of security and energy management.

  4. Brightness: The MultiSensor 6 measures the brightness to ensure that the lighting atmosphere in the room is pleasant and equally adjusted to day and night time. A comfortable atmosphere is created by controlling the shading (blinds) and the room climate depending on the brightness.

Other benefits are an improved data encryption between the sensor and your wireless network as well as a faster data transmission – 50% further, up to 150 meters and 250% faster. In addition, the MultiSensor 6 works very precisely and enables a 4 times longer battery life. Its weight has also been optimized, i.e. 50% lighter than its predecessor and 70% smaller. Another advantage is that it is not only classically battery operated, but can also be connected to the power access. Battery replacements become unnecessary.

ROCKETHOME solutions with the MultiSensor 6

Thanks to its dimensions and functions, it can be quickly installed anywhere - not only on the ceiling - and measures reliably and safely from there. Are you interested in the possible applications of the MultiSensor 6? We would be pleased to show you solutions in which this intelligent hardware component is integrated. Please contact us via meet@rockethome.de.