New IoT-Service: With a good climate through the crisis

The Covid 19 pandemic shows us more than ever how important a good indoor climate is. Regular ventilation is just as much a part of everyday life as the perfect comfortable temperature. Things that are usually not in our focus, but significantly influence our well-being. With the integration of an air quality sensor, we have developed a new IoT service that further focuses on the well-being and health of users.

Residents sleep better, the greengrocer around the corner recognizes when the climate deviates from the optimal values for vegetable storage, and schools keep an eye on ventilation to avoid becoming the next Corona hotspot.

After all, temperatures that are too high cause a lack of concentration, while temperatures that are too low cause high blood pressure. A too high CO2 load increases the risk of fatigue and disease transmission. If the humidity is too high, we get sweaty. If it is too low, we get dry eyes. And who knows which so-called "volatile organic compounds" in the room might endanger health.

All these values can be detected by our solution and their dangers thus eliminated before they have a negative impact on our health. Your customers can be reminded when certain thresholds are exceeded. By digitally supporting a healthy indoor climate, your customers will not only live healthier, but also more sustainably. This is because regular ventilation and heating can be automatically coordinated. In addition, properly adjusted room temperature and humidity can prevent unnecessary renovations caused by mold.

IoT service possibilities on the ROCKETHOME platform
  • Private living spaces: especially due to the current pandemic, we are likely to spend even more time in our own space than it was already the case. This makes it even more important to ensure a suitable indoor climate there as well.

  • Office spaces (Office/Retail): Despite the current situation, many people value social contact and enjoy the company at work. Concentration, an alert mind and the prevention of illness is just as important for the employee as it is for the employer.

  • Kindergartens & Schools: Where there is a lot of thinking, singing and playing, the consumption of CO2 is particularly high. Education and care of children is one of the biggest and most important challenges in pandemic times. If the children learn how positive a healthy indoor climate has an effect now, it passes over into automatic action and later, no more thought has to be wasted on it.

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