News from product development: Buttons, voice control features, remote maintenance

New features for voice control via Amazon Echo

Do you already know the new features for the ROCKETHOME Smart Home Skill? You can easily control your smart devices via voice control.
Check the set temperature of your heating thermostats or the current room temperature at any time: " Alexa, what's the temperature in here?"
NUKI Smart Lock: "Alexa, is the [back / front] door locked?"
Preconfigured scenes are now also sorted directly into the scenes in your alexa skill.

You can see all amazon skills from ROCKETHOME here.

"The Button" by Fibaro

One button - countless possibilities.

Press the FIBARO button and turn the light on and off, open the blinds or start and stop complex scenes.

Switches and buttons are the most intuitive type of control - perfect for people who do not always want to use their smartphones with a smart home system. Especially for older people, this button can make everyday life easier. When used as a "panic button" messages are sent to contacts immediately.

Would you like to test the button? Order your favorite one in our shop.

Multifunctional: Possible applications of the dry contact switch

Smart energy management

The dry contact switch is suitable, for example, for the intelligent retrofitting of:
heat pumps (especially SG ready)
smart wallboxes and charging stations
electric heaters

It offers new opportunities in the field of energy management. Once the devices are connected, they can be automated depending on the electricity tariff or in-house production.

Further possible use cases for the convenient automation:

  • garage doors
  • lightings
  • and much more.

New functions for installers & professionals

Professionals and installers have special requirements for their smart home solution. In order to satisfy their needs, there are new features:

Net Maintenance as a remote service

Professionals can now easily reconfigure the Z-Wave network with their clients via the admin tool, which greatly improves the communication between devices and stabilizes the setup. For example, this can be very helpful in case of a move of a user.

New functions for targeted device configuration

It is now possible to customize parameters from all Z-Wave devices to tailor their behavior to customer needs.
Z-Wave devices offer a variety of configuration options, documented in the manufacturer's instructions. For example, the behavior of the LEDs on the devices can be changed.

Selected use cases
Shutter: Configuration of the switching times for optimum control of the shutter, garage door or awning drive
Multiple sensor: individual configuration of the light signal
Sirens: Activate and deactivate the tamper protection of the devices
Heating Control: Configuring the wake-up interval so that the device responds more quickly to changes

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