Series (Part 1): Saving energy with smart thermostats

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According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), up to six percent of heating energy can be saved if room temperatures are reduced by one degree. Experts consider the installation of intelligent thermostats on radiators to be even more effective. Intelligent thermostats reduce consumption while still ensuring comfortable indoor temperatures. Depending on the degree of automation, savings of up to 30 percent can be achieved. But the smart helpers don't just regulate the temperature; with the right settings, they prove to be real organizational talents - offering enormous savings potential if you know what's important.

Due to the current urgency, the German Energy Agency (dena) also wants to oblige homeowners to use intelligent thermostats and is thus calling for the installation of digital thermostats on radiators. They argue that the key to saving heating energy lies primarily in the transparency created by these technologies. If consumers know where and when energy is being consumed, they can take targeted measures to save energy - either manually or fully automatically.

How do the smart thermostats work?

Control temperature via app

The thermostats are connected to the Internet in your own home and can then be conveniently controlled via app from your smartphone. In this way, room temperatures can be regulated while on the move. If the tenants are not at home all day, savings can be made throughout the day. Even before the tenants come home in the evening, the heating can be turned up with the smart thermostat so that all rooms are warm in good time.

Schedule Create / Individual Room Control

Different rooms in your home need different temperatures, and at different times of the day. While it should be pleasantly warm in the bathroom early in the morning, the comfortable temperature in the living room is most important in the afternoon after work. On weekends, however, the daily routine looks different, which is why individual schedules are a simple and reliable way to control heating. They are conveniently created via app and automatically saved. This way, the smart thermostat always executes the schedule independently, regardless of the internet connection or your cell phone.

Heating scene control

If a temperature scene is called up (manually or automatically), the temperature in any number of rooms can be changed with a single tap. Regardless of the time schedule set, scenes can therefore quickly make the desired temperature changes without having to regulate each radiator individually.

Window open recognition

When airing or when a window is open too long without being noticed, a lot of heating energy is frequently lost. The window-open detection notices sudden changes in room temperature or humidity and switches off the heating for a certain period of time to save energy. These time periods can be individually adjusted via app.

Interaction with other devices (energy management)

In winter, intelligent shading (blind control) helps to heat your home free of charge with solar energy or to keep the heat in the building. Multisensors for temperature or humidity inform consumers inside via push messages about too high temperatures indoors (overheating detector) or when it is time to aerate (aeration detector). Elements for underfloor heating also integrate slightly slower heaters into the heat control. Holistic energy management is possible when the charging infrastructure, PV system, heat pump and other electricity-based consumers are integrated into the overall system.

Compatible with Alexa & Co.

Another plus point is the compatibility of the smart thermostat. Heating controls can be coupled with Amazon Alexa & Co. The heating can thus be conveniently controlled via voice assistance, for example: "Alexa, turn off the heating in the bathroom".

Rockethome has been specializing in intelligent heating systems for over 10 years, helping you to tailor your properties so that you can save as a consumer. The energy saving effect depends on the level of automation and networking. Due to a well thought-out IoT infrastructure, our modern heating technologies can be combined flexibly, be installed with little effort, are expandable and thus combine efficiency, climate protection and reliability.

We help you on your way to heating efficiency and offer you holistic solutions consisting of hardware, software and services so that you can reduce your costs and save energy sustainably.
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