Quo vadis energy industry – Digital in the future!

COVID-19 has posed new challenges to the world and has a fundamental impact on the economic situation as well as on everyday social life. This is where flexibility and foresight are required from a business perspective.

But how can challenges turn into opportunities? How can companies in the energy, real estate and insurance industries emerge stronger from this period?

The recent agreement reached at the EU summit on a Corona aid package is a first step, and now others must follow. The aim must be to get the economy back on track for success, to secure the liquidity of companies and to leave room for innovation.

Status Quo: Energy Industry - Opportunities und Challenges

The energy industry is confronted with a sharp drop in demand for electricity on the one hand and increased turnover in the IT services sector on the other. When it comes to crisis management, energy suppliers should not just rely on support from politics, but rather switch to 'full speed' mode and actively shape the future. The current market situation, which is characterized by low utilization of the electricity grids, reduced production in industry and lower electricity prices, requires far-reaching measures.

From the point of view of energy companies, the following aspects are forward-looking:

  • Renewable energies and sustainability / conservation of resources
  • Redesign of value chains: decentralised, regional and networked
  • Transformation to digital service provider
Digitalization as driving force
  • Digitization is accelerated by the crisis due to increased demand for digital solutions and infrastructure
  • Key challenges for energy companies: data protection, "silo thinking" and expertise in digital transformation
  • Implementation of digital processes in the own business field with the aim of increasing efficiency and automation through innovative services
  • Generating profits through new business areas and sales strategies via digital platforms
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