Our use cases in focus: e-Care & Assistance systems

Smart home technology has helped to make our lives easier - why not support relatives in the same smart way?
With ROCKETHOME Assistance solutions it is possible to connect the home of your relatives who might live alone. It is our aim to make them feel safe and comfortable at all times.

Most important use cases:

  • control of a healthy room climate
  • acoustic and visual alarm in case of smoke formation
  • Detection of unauthorised access (e.g. at nighttime)
  • Notification of relatives via SMS & e-mail in case of emergency
  • Automatic lighting and shading scenarios
  • Detection of presence through energy consumption analysis
  • Digital access to the home for relatives
  • In case of emergency: Escalation to professional service providers

Most important: the feeling of security, both for residents and their relatives, from the moment the home is connected.

The added value is obvious:

  • More security for residents
  • The Soothing feeling of the relatives
  • Ability to extend the independent life of your relatives as long as possible
  • A home that thinks - without the need for technological know-how

Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) is becoming increasingly relevant due to demographic developments. As a service provider, this is the ideal entry point to offer new, digital business models.