Smart Meter: Rising acceptance despite lack of knowledge - focus on added values

The smart meter rollout began at the beginning of the year. According to the latest Bitkom study, consumer acceptance is increasing with regard to smart metering systems, which are of elementary importance for the energy transition.

For some, the installation of a smart meter is important simply because they want to be technologically up to date. Even though the number of those willing to install is increasing, about the same number of respondents (42%) said they had never heard of smart meters. What are your customers saying?

Smart meters are driving the infrastructure of the energy industry and are expected to reduce CO2 emissions in the long run. However, in addition to this purpose, they also offer many opportunities for the end consumer. Electricity billing becomes more transparent thanks to consumption-based information and enables the identification of domestic power guzzlers. If the devices are networked, even more possibilities can be discovered. If elderly or sick family members live in the house, noticeable deviations from their daily routines can be observed. Even buying detergent will no longer be a worry in the future - if desired, this will be done automatically after a set number of wash cycles.

The higher the personal electricity consumption, the sooner smart meters will become mandatory. Eventually, all meters are to be replaced by 2032. The energy supplier takes care of the installation and we help to connect smart meters not only expediently, but also safely and profitably for the consumer.

The trend is positive. With further education about the possibilities of the technology, a lack of knowledge or emerging resentment about the mandatory smart meter rollout can be avoided and the attractiveness increased.

Smart meters and the associated technical infrastructure lay the foundation for energy efficiency measures and climate protection - but how do you create positive incentives through digital applications that have a lasting impact on users and create added value?

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As part of the aforementioned Bitkom study, a group of 1,005 people in Germany over the age of 16 were surveyed. For more results and details on the survey methodology, please visit the following link: smart meter study - bitkom