New business sector: new work spaces & smart offices

Not only since yesterday experts in the office property market are discussing about smart offices and new work spaces, which will permanently change our daily working life. Because they offer flexibility, stand for knowledge exchange and build networks. ROCKETHOME develops and realizes from now on and together with our clients and partners intelligent office concepts and ecosystems for smart working. The aim of the integrated IoT solutions is to make working more comfortable and uncomplicated by innovation and technology.

Smart offices & new work spaces by ROCKETHOME

Our IoT solutions stand out from others due to their holistic approach and the specific combination of innovative features. In essence, this includes:

  • Employee-/ user app:
    All features are quickly and conveniently accessible via an app and improve the working atmosphere. This increases productivity as well as the satisfaction of employees and users. In addition, it serves the communication with and among each other and strengthens the direct contact to the customer.

  • Healthy indoor climate:
    Through intelligent features, it is possible to measure and monitor the temperature, humidity and light in rooms for a better atmosphere. The building management is significantly optimized. Not only since the Covid19 pandemic, indoor room conditions are important. In this context, smart sensor technology is very supportive by sending alarms, if certain values in terms of air quality are reached, and reminding the room users to ventilate.

  • Access management & security:
    The implementation of smart door locks and smartphones as keys enables employees to get easy and fast access to facilities. The office manager benefits from a better use of space and access management. So, he easily keeps everything in view. Especially in the field of new work spaces this feature is an enormous simplification, because short term visitors can be easily managed.

  • Sustainability & energy effiency:
    By using energy IoT sensor technology the energy efficiency is optimized. In this way you make a significant contribution to improving the CO2 balance and achieving the associated climate targets.

  • (E)-Mobility:
    The offer of different mobility solutions at work such as car sharing, e-bike and e-scooter increases the employee satisfaction – booking via an app that combines everything makes the experience perfect.
Market research: What makes smart offices and new work spaces so interesting?

Smart offices and new work spaces are popular not only with business people or commuters, but also with young professionals and freelancers. What convinces them all: a communicative and relaxed environment with space for innovation, smart equipment and an extraordinary design – so a working atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else in such a short time.

Companies, including not only start-ups, also rent the space in addition to their existing office capacities to enable their employees to work without barriers in different locations. That improves the employee productivity. With these concepts, unnecessary costs can be avoided and resources can be saved – the right strategy to achieve the corporate sustainability goals. Also, with a view to recruiting the company is more attractive to young talents and new employees. For building owners and developers, the concepts of smart offices and new work offer the chance to set an innovative cornerstone for a promising future of your real estate object. They benefit from a higher attractiveness of the property, maximize the value of the building and make flexible tenant change possible. The concepts bring similar advantages for administrators, because here too, net operating income, flexibility and process efficiency can be significantly increased. For example, intelligent access and booking management solutions are used here, which give tenants access to the building via an app and contactless.

Future market: smart offices & new work spaces

Smart offices and new work spaces address different needs of society. This is the reason for their popularity. The following aspects play a role here:

  • Living spheres home & work:
    The life spheres home and work are increasingly converging. As a result, the demand for new work spaces is growing. They fulfill the desire for comfort like at home and convince at the same time with a productivity-enhancing work atmosphere.

  • Property management:
    From the perspective of companies, smart building management offers advantages in reducing costs and automatizing the building processes. Thus, office space can be monitored and used interactively depending on the workload. The value of the property increases.

  • Trend to share & pay-per-use:
    The shared use of resources has become part of our society and is reflected in concepts as new work. Here fixed costs can be reduced and resources can be used optimally. Also of great importance in this context are the aspects sustainability and alternative consumption, e.g. "pay-per-use".

  • Innovation & start-up culture:
    The start-up culture is booming like no other industry and brings movement to traditional work structures. A lot of start-ups from technology-oriented or creative industries as well as established companies use new work spaces for themselves, benefit from the flexibility and thus organize their capacities.

  • Generation Y & digital natives:
    The next generation of employees is not only technically oriented, but also prefers flat hierarchies, fast communication and pursues an individual arrangement of everyday life. In this context work life balance plays an important role. Exactly these needs are fulfilled by new work and smart office concepts.

  • Smart offices & new work as part of urban life:
    The emergence of these new office concepts is part of a development towards smart cities, in which social life is reinventing itself in the face of enormous crowds of people in a confined space. This is setting new standards in terms of mobility and digital infrastructure, sustainability, climate protection, innovation and quality of life.
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