Customer Story: Smarte Wärme by enercity

With the new Smarte Wärme product line, the energy service provider enercity now offers its customers an extension to the warm@home product portfolio, the service offering for sustainable heating solutions.

Reducing energy and heating costs while comfortably reducing CO2 emissions - the perfect room temperature is also guaranteed. Not only owners but also tenants benefit from this retrofit solution for their own home.

The product

Based on the technology platform from ROCKETHOME, the solution was designed, developed and brought to market in 2022 together with the partner.

Customers of enercity now have the option of controlling their heating intelligently via a smart home app, thus achieving optimal heat distribution. Energy savings up to 30 percent are possible, with a simultaneous reduction in CO2 emissions and increased comfort.

Upon request, specialists from enercity can check the efficiency of the heating systems on site and optimize them manually (so-called hydraulic alignment). The product is one of the subsidized measures as part of the Climate Protection Initiative by enercity and the City of Hanover with the aim of bringing more energy efficiency and cost savings to citizens through intelligent technologies. Customers who have booked a gas rate at the same time receive further price and service benefits.

For homeowners, the warm@home product portfolio offers further options that enable them to make sustainable savings on heating energy. However, smart heat is also suitable for tenants who want to sustainably reduce energy costs independently from their landlord by means of a small upfront financing. A positive return on investment is made possible after only a short payback period.

Climate protection and energy saving - your feel-good heat easy and comfortable

The product consists of a central unit as a base, a multisensor for detecting temperature, motion and brightness, and three smart radiator thermostats. Users can operate the SmartHome system via a web portal or app.


  • Control of the smart heating from anywhere
  • Individual definition of heating periods (e.g. day/night, weekdays/weekends, vacations, etc.)
  • Possibility to integrate other smart features such as light control, smart locks, blind control, alarm sensors, etc.
  • Extension to include energy-related functions such as the integration of charging boxes, solar systems or smart meters for the identification of additional consumption

The main functions

  • Energy savings up to 30 percent per month
  • More living comfort through automated heat control
  • Manual heating optimization on site/ hydraulic alignment 
  • Retrofit solution for owners, but also tenants 
  • Active climate protection due to lower CO2 emissions
  • Comprehensive service from enercity AG (e.g. installation assistance, remote support, preconfigured systems, etc.)
  • Subsidized measure within the framework of climate protection initiatives

The partner

Based in Hannover, enercity AG is a supplier of sustainable and intelligent energy solutions. With revenues of approximately 3.1 billion euros and around 2,900 employees (data from 2019), the corporation ranks as one of the biggest communal energy providers in Germany. The company supplies about one million people with electricity, heat, natural gas and drinking water. In addition, enercity offers services related to energy: e-mobility, energy efficiency, decentralised customer solutions, telecommunication, and smart infrastructure. Enercity is motivated by the desire to improve the quality of life of its customers. Further information on

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