ROCKETHOME summer party 2022

The best team event of the year? Of course, the summer party. In particular, the ROCKETSSUMMERPARTY, of course - because there's always good weather. No matter what the weather forecasts predict, on the day of the party it is sunny and warm.

This year it was not only warm, in fact it was really hot. With over thirty degrees in the shade, the ROCKETS including Friends & Family from Cologne and Hanover found themselves on sandy ground this year. Matching the temperatures, beach feeling came up, because besides food and plenty of drinks, balls were also provided at this summer party. And which ROCKET is not present at a game of beach volleyball? Almost no one.

„Summer, sun, sports and fun“

The highlight of the day was therefore of course our ROCKETHOME beach volleyball competition. We sweated, laughed and fought. The heat was not only coming from above, also the sand was quite heated up. Nevertheless, the teams did not let themselves be deprived of giving their all. Experts met beginners, product managers met developers. In the end, one team was declared the winner. Whether deserved or not is certainly debatable.

Sweaty and happy, the chilled drinks and delicious food could be enjoyed afterwards. Also the speech of our CEO Yüksel with a review of our successes in the past year and an outlook on exciting and future-oriented projects for the coming year lifted the spirits.

Many thanks to all who were there! If at the end it says: it was "[...] very funny [and I] had fun at every moment with everyone who was there." Then you can pat yourself on the back and already look forward to the preparations for the next festivities. 🧡