Inside: User Experience Design by ROCKETHOME

At ROCKETHOME we work closely together and bundle our expertise to realize innovative solutions. To give you an insight into our concepts, we introduce you Rockets who report about their work. The first one is our UX-expert Marius. He is a member of the design team and optimizes our IoT solutions together with experts of the sales and product marketing team. He always keeps the UX Design in mind! But what does that actually mean?

Marius, what is the key point of UX design?

Marius: User Experience Design (UXD) is often mistakenly associated with User Interface Design (UI), but the composition of the digital user interface should be thought as part of a whole user experience. UX is rather a way of thinking and a strategy, which focuses on the experience of users, who interact with a service, a software application or a whole company. The aim of UX Design is to provide positive and enriching experiences for users, but not primarily to sell more to them. It is rather a quality standard. That includes all touch points of a company or a product solution, for example the customer support, the graphical user interfaces (UI) or more technical aspects like data security. It also concerns the ergonomics of the software, the joy of interaction and opens up new possibilities for users. Especially on the ROCKETHOME service platform characterized by a wide range of functions, these didactic aspects of the user navigation are very essential. Users need to get in touch with new features at the right time and in an understandable way, without overburdening them.

How is UX Design implemented at ROCKETHOME?

Marius: Based on the fact that good user experiences affect almost all areas and are not just created in an app, we at ROCKETHOME see UX design as a task for the entire company. All employees are UX designers, so to speak. The prerequisite for successful user experience design is therefore particularly internal communication between the different expertise. For this we cultivate an open exchange and work on solutions and improvements for our products in regular workshops.

Which challenges in UX Design do you see and how does ROCKETHOME meet them?

Marius: In the field of IoT and especially in the real estate industry (PropTech) the variety of different user groups – each with different needs and expectations – is a special challenge for UX Design. For example, the property manager, the residents or temporally users such as craftsmen and other service providers. With this in mind, we have developed a tool, for example, which is tailored to solve administrative tasks. By using it, the property manager is able to handle digitally administrative and management processes such as access management or remote customer support. This saves resources, time and reduces costs. The residents are a much more differentiated user group and consists of many groups of people. For example, we have developed a solution for self-determined living and security for older people – »Care & Security«. Here, it was important for us, that the supporting system is not seen as a surveillance system or an invasion of privacy. We have rather developed a platform, on which members can support each other – even from distance.

What makes UX Design so important for the future?

Marius: I believe that UX Design is an important success factor for many new services and products in the area of IoT as well as in the real estate market. Due to the increasing digitalization of living in the next years, many exciting things will be created. I’m happy to shape and push the change of the real estate industry here at ROCKETHOME.

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