Going sustainable during lunch

This week we start with a new initiative, the Zero Waste Lunch. Together we want to go waste-free through the lunch break and make a small contribution to a better environment. As an additional motivation we have chosen a project of the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation. For every successful Zero Waste lunch break on May 19, we will plant a tree.

Our Zero Waste lunch break guide.

  • No packaging waste, we go shopping unpackaged
  • Bring Tupperware and bowls for lunch To Go
  • Pre-cook lunch
  • Use reusable instead of disposable
  • Do not use plastic cutlery, plastic bottles or cans

For us, the campaign was not about implementing the absolute ideal. Rather, we wanted to question our consumption and raise awareness of our everyday waste. In fact, we learned a lot through our campaign, avoided waste and received really positive feedback from our colleagues and the catering industry. We will continue our campaign in the future and pursue other sustainable goals.

We thank all Rockets

Small actions have a big impact when we work together for it!