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20/09 – Sep 23, 2022

20/09 – 23/09/22
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Innovative access solutions at Security Essen from September 20 to 23

Security is a crucial need for people. Feeling safe at home within their own walls is even more important. With our innovative access systems, we and our partner WILKA offer solutions that meet precisely this need. How? We' ll show you at the Security Essen from September 20 to 23 at the WILKA booth in Hall 6, Booth 6B19.

Rethinking access systems

The bunch of keys is our everyday companion. We don't leave the house without it. What happens if we lose it or forget it? The locksmith has to come, it gets expensive and, in case of doubt, keys have to be replaced. Aren't there modern and secure solutions nowadays? Yes, there are! We started this project with our partner and expert in locking systems - WILKA. Door locks can be managed and operated via our platform and app. Without a separate set of keys. Simple, flexible and secure.

How secure is an electronic door lock?

The security level of an electronic door lock is as secure as the locking system installed. In addition to this security level, a digital door lock offers features that provide greater security. Digital door locks lead to fewer sources of error in administration. Access rights can be assigned and revoked directly to individuals. Duplication of keys is no longer necessary. With normal door locks, we as tenants cannot be sure that there really are no other keys in circulation. With digital management, this can be checked easily and at a glance. When and by whom a door was opened can be viewed additionally.

Can the system not simply be hacked?

WILKA's digital locking systems have the highest security standards. These systems are controlled via Bluetooth and are equipped with the right encryptions. Thus, the connection cannot be read by third parties, even if they should succeed in intercepting the signal.

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