Live Session - Smart Buildings powered by ROCKETHOME - smart, sustainable and efficient!

on Mar 18, 2021

live session
18/03/21 – 09:00 to 10:00

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The smart building is often equated with the technical building. For us, a smart building is much more. We make buildings holistically Digital and Smart. In this process, we rely on over 10 years of experience in the Internet of Things and Smart Building. Today, we are able to network almost all systems, from the PV system to the charging box for the electric car, from the doorbell to the locking system and from the smart meter to the smart apartment. Together with our partners, we build solutions that provide users with easily accessible, attractive living or working space, enable administrators to manage properties easily and efficiently through digital processes, and show owners and others on a daily basis how effectively and resource-efficiently the property is being operated.

Goal of the live session:
We will give you an insight into our solutions and show how customers are using them. Afterwards, we look forward to your questions and an exciting discussion.

ROCKETHOME live session offer

ROCKETHOME offers regular live sessions with different thematic focuses for interested parties from the real estate, insurance and energy industries.