Stadtwerke Neumünster launches Zukunftsbude

Neumünster, July 19, 2021

Stadtwerke Neumünster launches smart home platform "Zukunftsbude" - Secure digital solutions for a more comfortable home

No more dreams of the future - SWN's Zukunftsbude now has what many have long dreamed of: Users can open the front door remotely via app using their cell phone, or receive an automated signal if someone in their home is in an emergency situation. These are just two of the smart applications from the smart home platform "Zukunftsbude", which was launched by Stadtwerke Neumünster (SWN) and ROCKETHOME, the leading solution provider for smart building and energy IoT. "We are all about using digitalization to help our customers make their everyday lives safer, more comfortable and more sustainable," says Michael Böddeker, SWN managing director. A smart home can be created, technical devices can be networked with each other and digitally controlled via the " Zukunftsbude" app and digital solutions in the apartment, house or garage. "You can use it to optimize the consumption of electricity, heat as well as water, among other things, which usually leads to savings on the bottom line, explains Stephanie Schröder, project and product manager at Zukunftsbude. One example of this is the automated turning down of the radiator thermostats as soon as all residents are out of the house. The smart applications can also be used to check remotely whether all windows are closed. The roller shutters can also be controlled from anywhere.

Control energy use digitally.
It is also very easy to set up the heating to be switched on and off or the light to be operated from anywhere using digital applications via the Zukunftsbude. "The possibilities for making everyday life more comfortable and energy-saving with the Zukunftsbude are numerous and varied," emphasizes Stephanie Schröder. The private charging station for the electric car - called a wallbox - can also be integrated into the Zukunftsbude system. Users can then specify the start and end points as well as the duration of a charging session via app. "This means the e-car is always charged and ready to go at the desired time," explains Stephanie Schröder, adding, "The ecological footprint gets even better when e-mobilists integrate a photovoltaic system into their energy solution that generates solar power for their own use - or when they choose our green electricity tariff."

To be on the safe side
"Particularly in the case of frail or health-impaired people, emergency situations can arise in everyday life. Digital solutions increase their safety," says Stephanie Schröder. The "Unterstütztes Wohnen" solution uses sensor technology and notifies users in the event of unusual inactivity in a relative's home, the profile for which is based on the respective personal habits. In an emergency, users can let help into the home via a digital door lock. "The digital door lock offers added value in many cases. For example, when the children come home early from school, don't have a key and no one is home. Or the smart solution is also ideal for vacation home owners. They can grant guests access to the vacation home without having to be there in person."

How it works
"Our trainees took a close look at each device from PropTech's ROCKETHOME, which specializes in IoT services in buildings, in our trainee workshop," says the Zukunftsbude project manager. On the website, interested parties can choose from the various smart home packages and smart devices. Configure and connect devices, manage settings and set up rules: Via free app for iOS and Android or also via the web portal, users can then access their personal Zukunftsbude and make their home smart. "Security and privacy have top priority. We operate our cloud in a data center in Germany," explains Stephanie Schröder. Support and further information are available digitally at any time: SWN offers personal advice and help with installation by telephone and video conference.

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