Customer stories

Leading companies from various industries and countries rely on ROCKETHOME when it comes to their own connected home projects.

  • Product: e-regio easy (Smart Home combined with innovative service concepts)

    e-regio has been at home in Euskirchen for almost 70 years and is well established in the region. The company employs around 220 people and has been supplying electricity from 100% hydro power since 2012. In the region, e-regio supplies around 68,000 households, companies and public institutions with natural gas. Since 2012, more than 11,000 customers have been convinced by e-regios' electricity offer.

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  • Stadtwerke Bielefeld offer a wide range of products and innovative services for electricity, natural gas and LPG, district heating and drinking water. Even as one of the largest municipal public utility of the German energy market Stadtwerke Bielefeld is still in growth track. Once started in 1856 with the construction of a small gas station, it is now a diverse group of companies employing over 2,300 employees. Stadtwerke Bielefeld today supply industrial customers in around 400 locations in Germany. An important prerequisite for this success is the high proportion of its own electricity.

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  • Product: AggerHome (Smart Home combined with innovative service concepts)

    Partner: AggerEnergie is a regional energy supplier headquartered in Gummersbach, Germany, which today serves more than 118,000 customers in the region. The company earned around 200 million euros last year and employs around 150 people. For 90 years, AggerEnergie has been reliably supplying people and companies in the region with energy and water.

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  • Product: Smart Quarters for Career Starters

    iQ INTELLIGENTES WOHNEN is a think tank that gives opportunities to the startup culture within the STRENGER group. iQ creates living and working environments that are ahead of their time. Each project is unique in terms of technology, construction and conception. This is achieved through freedom, courage and openness in all areas and through a clear focus on research and development.

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  • Product: Living Platform

    smurli GmbH is a subsidiary of meravis Immobiliengruppe. smurli will further develop and advance the digital transformation for the housing industry. As part of the meravis Immobiliengruppe, the company is familiar with the challenges, goals and requirements of the housing industry.
    It is a reliable partner for all housing companies and offers sophisticated, smart solution with our platform.

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  • Product: HEIMO (Holistic Home Energy Management for Prosumers)

    Partner: Salzburg AG is an energy and infrastructure service provider headquartered in the provincial capital of Salzburg in Austria and currently supplies around 433,000 electricity customer installations throughout the province of Salzburg and neighbouring Upper Austria. The company employs more than 2,000 people and achieves a turnover of more than 1.06 billion euros in 2016.

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Strong relationships with our partners and customers are the foundation of sustainable project success and satisfied users.


A stable and long term eco system of cooperations creates opportunities and reduces risk.

  • Diehl Controls

    The Diehl Controls, with a good 2,600 employees in the German headquarters Wangen and Nürnberg and the international subsidiaries strive to develop and manufacture products of the highest quality and energy efficiency.

  • EnOcean Alliance

    The EnOcean Alliance is a consortium of some of the global market leaders from the real estate sector. Their vision is to create a better, safer, cost & energy efficient, and environmentally friendlier world through intelligent, self-powered wireless sensor systems.

  • Smart Eco System Alliance

    The Smart Eco System Alliance is a consortium of leading technology companies, which are recognized on the market particular in the intelligent networking, measuring and control of energy producers and energy consumers in buildings. The founding enterprises IBM, Diehl and ROCKETHOME want to pool their outstanding competences in various fields.

  • SmartHome Initiative Germany

    The SmartHome Initiative Germany is an interdisciplinary communication platform across all trades and serves the primary function of which is the exchange of experience between regional smart home organizations and suppliers.

  • Intel

    Intel Corporation is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Santa Clara, California. Intel is one of the world's largest and highest valued semiconductor chip makers

  • VDE

    VDE - behind these three letters hides one of the major European Associations for industries and professions of electronics and information technology. An international expert platform for science, standardization and product testing - interdisciplinary, highly integrated, and unique in the world. A massed concentration of experience, market knowledge and technological know-how.

  • EEBUS Initiative e.V.

    The EEBus Initiative, which is organized as an association, links the leading companies, organization and actors of the German and international energy and electro economy with each other. The purpose of this association is to continue developing the EEBus communication standard as a standardized and consensus oriented networking concept of Smart Grid and Smart Home, and to establish it in the market.

  • HGI – Home Gateway Initiative

    HGI is shaping the way that services are delivered in the digital home. HGI was founded in 2004 by major Broadband Service Providers (BSPs), and has since been joined by leading manufacturers of digital home devices, chips, and software. The projects are driven by the short to medium term service requirements of the BSP members.

  • BTC Business Technology Consulting AG

    The BTC is one of the leading IT consulting firms in Germany, with offices in Switzerland, Turkey, Poland and Japan. The company has over 1,900 employees and is headquartered in Oldenburg has a holistic, industry-focused IT consulting services and thus occupies a leading position in the energy, industry, public sector, private services and telecommunications industries.

  • ProSyst Software GmbH (a Bosch company)

    ProSyst is a provider for embedded Java and OSGi software. ProSyst offers OSGi-certified software for devices and backend as well as development services.

  • FIBAR Group

    FIBAR Group Company form Poznan is a manufacturer of wireless smart home system FIBARO. Their solutions allows users to control the lighting, temperature level, rolling shutters, awnings, gates and wickets and much more, within a household.

  • ZyXEL

    For more than 20 years ZyXEL has remained one of the world’s leading suppliers of networking products for various deployment requirements. It’s the first choice of many tier-one service providers, connecting more than 400,000 small- and medium-sized businesses, and upwards of 70 million end users around the globe.