Multiple Use Cases

- Making spaces, buildings and communities more climate friendly, digital & social -

More than 100 leading brands worldwide rely on the services of ROCKETHOME.

Our product pages with price information: >> ROCKETHOME Estate << our brand for "Digital Real Estate" and >> ROCKETHOME Climate Solutions << our energy service provider for a better climate balance.

Climate Solutions (Energy IoT)

Automation and optimization of all energy flows in buildings

  • IoT use cases: Energy management within real estate; networking of solar, storage, heat, mobility, consumers and tariffs; energy savings through transparency, control & automation of devices in the building; value-add for owners, tenants and managers in one platform; more efficiency through sector coupling and incentive-based energy concepts; offerings for single-family homes (Home Energy Management/ HEMS) and multi-family homes/ housing industry (Property Manager) - as well as commerce.
  • Open system/ supported devices: photovoltaics, heat pumps, charging infrastructure, storage, heating rods and smart metering (electricity, water, gas, heat, heating systems) and smart home
  • Data and AI value-added services: e.g., offering dynamic energy tariffs based on real-time energy consumption, grid serviceability, or energy communities (demand side management)

Smart Building (PropTech)

Digital and climate-friendly solutions for real estate developers, landlords & tenants (real estate industry).

  • IoT use cases: turnkey service solutions for real estate and neighborhoods (new construction, renovation & retrofitting), innovative co-living and co-working models, integration of various IoT services such as charging infrastructure, tenant electricity, energy transparency (reading of electricity, heat, gas and water), smart locks, smart home, parcel boxes, predictive maintenance services for heating/ elevators/ mold prevention, vacancy monitoring and many more.
  • Creation of new digital worlds of experience for residents, neighbors and the neighborhood (novel value-added services, marketplace, communication, sharing offers, energy and insurance rates, and much more. )
  • Applications include all necessary functions for users, tenants, administrators and service providers
  • Central management of all processes via IoT property management software.
  • Benefits: Sustainable reduction of the building's carbon footprint; added value for tenants and novel customer service; efficient management and value enhancement of the property.
  • Open system: support for a wide range of devices in the building based on standardized wireless technologies or wired systems
  • Integration with existing tenant portals, CRM and ERP systems.
  • Data and AI value-added services: e.g., new marketplace, service, and community offerings

Connected Mobility (Vehicle@Home)

Smart charging management by integrating energy generators and consumers in the home

  • IoT use cases: Easy and cost-effective charging at home or in business; Decentralized load management; Optimized charging by networking with PV, storage, heat pump, smart meter and power consumers; Control via app and share in personal community
  • Benefits: Wallbox on tenant request, increase of energy self-sufficiency in the building and climate-friendly charging, sharing of the wallbox in the personal or professional community (relatives, friends, neighbors & colleagues); installation, operation and billing of charging via partner offers.
  • Open system/supported devices: multi-vendor charging infrastructure (focus on in-building & neighborhood charging), PV, storage, CHP, heat pumps, electricity meters
  • Data and AI value-added services: e.g. integration of dynamic/ regenerative energy tariffs for incentive-based charging or networking with eSharing offers in smart cities

Smart Locks & Monitoring (AccessSolutions)

More security and comfort with digital access systems and management.

  • IoT use cases: Digital access via app, transponders, keypads and cards; access to the building for residents, craftsmen and other service providers; access management for administrators & service providers; holistic solutions for real estate, districts and short-term renters (serviced apartments, co-living, student dormitories, quarters, vacation homes, private landlords and many more); e-care and assistance systems for people living alone or in need (AAL)
  • Open system/supported devices: broad portfolio of smart door locks from multiple manufacturers in one management interface; combination with sensors for motion, smoke, temperature, humidity, brightness, flooding, ice formation and camera for indoor/outdoor use
  • Holistic solution offering with planning, installation, operation and maintenance - from a single source
  • Data and AI value-added services: e.g. connection of emergency call services, escalation and geolocation services as well as care or delivery services

Smart Home (Smart Living Spaces)

Holistic IoT solution for control and automation of devices in the building.

  • IoT use cases: smart home & smart living spaces for single-family homes and apartments; energy savings through energy transparency & heating control (thermostats, underfloor heating and heat pump), healthy indoor climate, e-Care/ AAL, security & home comfort; shading control, digital equipment packages for tenants and buyers of real estate.
  • Applications include all necessary functions for users, tenants, managers and service providers: communication, bulletin board, forms, marketplace, services, etc.
  • Open system with support for a wide range of long-life devices in the building (choice of over 100 actuators/sensors from different manufacturers)
  • Interfaces with mainstream platforms for lifestyle devices (Amazon, Google, Apple).
  • Data and AI value-added services: e.g., networking with insurance services, delivery delivery services, or "predictive maintenance" with self-learning systems


This is unique: We offer the end user and the service provider a distinctive IoT experience. Our applications for tenants, owners, managers and service providers make operation via mobile apps as well as voice easy and convenient.

The apps, dashboards and skills can be seamlessly integrated with existing digital customer platforms as well as processes. More: >> MyEstate App << and >> Property Management<<

Apps & Dashboards

IoT Connect Platform



For a quick and seamless market entry, ROCKETHOME offers ready-to-use "Plug&Play offers" for different target groups. The solutions consist of a firmly defined selection of applications, devices and services.

Our product offerings and brands:

Digital platform for real estate products:
Digital Real Estate:

Networking of electric mobility, PV systems, heating solutions and much more.
Climate Solutions:

Further product lines for corporate and private customers:

Central administration for administrators & platform operators
IoT Property Manager: 360° Smart Building Administration

Smart home complete systems for house, apartment & business.
Smart Home incl. Planning, Installation & Service:

Our initiative for more energy saving Simple and smart help for tenants & residents

Age-appropriate living and serviced apartments
Care & Security: Self-determined living

An independent product roadmap can be realized on the basis of these standard solutions with plannable costs - that is individuality without risk. The solutions are supported by a wide range of service modules such as "store systems", "marketing pages" and "analytics".

The central service desk provides our partners with comprehensive support in handling all relevant processes - from planning, installation and commissioning to end customer support.

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Develop your individual Smart Building, Energy IoT or PropTech product.

Connect your core business with new digital experiences and sustainable business models. Establish your own and independent operating system in the living space of your customers.

Together, we will surprise your customers with innovative services that simply inspire - every day and reliably! From the first idea to the launch, we accompany you through all phases of product development.

Take advantage of our expertise in the areas of customer journey, business model development, apps & UX design, IoT cloud, connectivity & hardware, analytics and security audits - everything a smart product needs.

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Latest information on products & services: News & Trends


Explore first ideas - with us and our methods


Design the first product


Constant revision & proof of concept


Market entry and agile roadmap

Service offers

  • Digital

    ROCKETHOME supports its partners with a comprehensive range of consulting services in strategy and business case development, UX creation, product development and market launch of digital products and services. This significantly reduces project risks and shortens the time-to-market.

  • Service Desk & Installations

    The central "Service Desk" offers comprehensive services to ensure smooth operation and further development of the solutions. If required, 1st level end customer support as well as 2nd/3rd level business support is provided. The planning, preparation and commissioning of installations round off the range of services.

  • Cloud & Infrastructure

    ROCKETHOME offers flexible hosting services. The software platform can be hosted in a freely selectable IT infrastructure or operated as a managed service from the ROCKETHOME cloud. Admin access enables easy administration of the entire system. Regular security audits ensure stable operation.

  • Research &

    ROCKETHOME actively collaborates in current research projects with scientific partners and initiates its own activities on topics such as connected energy management systems, machine learning, artificial intelligence, eMobility, Energy Communities, Demand Side Management and Smart Grid.