Cloud architecture

The open software platform "HomeRUN OS" is the foundation of ROCKETHOME's "Internet-of-Things" and "Internet-of-Energy" products – a strong and robust data management combined with various APIs and use cases.

  • Robust data management with HomeRUN OS Cloud

    The realtime analysis and interpretation of mass data is the heart and soul of the connected home platform. The HomeRUN Intelligence Cloud integrates heterogeneous data from different infrastructures, subsystems, client processes and applications to one user-experience. The analysis of data allows to predict use cases and to facilitate intelligent functionalities.

  • Cloud services & administration systems

    The software platform can be hosted in an individual IT-infrastructure or it can be run as a managed service in the ROCKETHOME cloud. Editorial and marketing content can be managed via CMS functionality. In addition to that, the smart home platform allows administrative features for system control and market research.

  • Reliable suppliers and solution partners

    The "HomeRUN OS cloud" platform has stable interfaces to many system partners that complement ROCKETHOME's services. We have long lasting relationships to suppliers in terms of gateway middleware, embedded middleware, remote smart meter reading, accounting systems and hardware engineering.

  • Openness & security in technology

    ROCKETHOME actively supports the open source community and uses internationally accepted standards. All security requirements for software and processes are ensured. You can find numerous memberships on our partners page.


  • Modular and open structure

    Functions, content and applications can be modularly extended, constrained or freely combined. This provides customers the biggest possible freedom for the flexible planning of large-scale projects.

  • Multitenancy

    Multitenancy is integrated in the HomeRUN cloud platform and can be individualized on customers' needs. Related products can be marketed additionally via a white-label solution.

  • Security

    Our data management solution ensures data and access integrity in relation to the hardware, software and all processes. ROCKETHOME always uses the latest and most robust security guidelines for its hard- and software.

  • Scalability

    The high-performance architecture of our HomeRUN cloud platform relies on latest Internet technology and grows steadily with growing requirements. We are employing load balancers and hardware-based scaling technologies.

  • Customizable and pluggable

    Our white-label solutions are customizable in design, feature richness and system architecture. The open architecture allows the integration of third-party content, data, devices and algorithms. The platform can be integrated seamlessly into an existing corporate system.

  • Certified

    Our software, hardware and our system partners all bring together the required certifications. This guarantees a secure and stable operation of the connected home products. ROCKETHOME is a member of the German Cloud Initiative.

Interoperability and Connectivity

We have an open mindset and believe in open-source & freedom of hardware connectivity.

The cloud platform supports more than 100 devices of well-known manufacturers. The devices are certified as part of our ROCKETHOME Connect Program (more about the Connect Program). New devices can be integrated quickly and hassle-free on customer demand. Internet of Things projects are mapped through a proof of concept (PoC) to a roll-out throughout the HomeRUN technology and brought to market.

The platform already features 6 IoT gateways of different manufacturers and qualities in productive use.
We support all standard protocols, e.g. Z-Wave, EnOcean, ZigBee, DECT-ULE, Bluetooth, Wireless M-Bus etc..

Moreover, we also support all energy devices like smart meters (power, water, heat, gas, ...), storage, photovoltaic inverters, heat pumps, cogeneration systems (CHP) and many others.